why is it considered "gay" for a boy to play with baby dolls, surely having a baby is the least gay thing a male can do? amirite?

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I understand, but I think the LEAST gay thing a man could do would be to have sex with a lady.

Why isn't this on the homepage yet??

This is seriously one of my favorite posts. I would favorite it if I knew how to do that.

Well I see your point, but caring for a baby is associated with the mother. Also dolls are vicarious, which is why most girls play with female babies until they get a little older and want to play with more mature figures, and boys play with strong, heroic "action figures".

Why is it funny?

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Guessing OP likes to play with dolls when he's not out watering his petunias?
Fuck, that's manly

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You can't get your dick wet playing barbies. There's no connection between fuckin a bitch and playing with dolls dude. Pussies play with dolls and its probably the least manly thing ever. Getting pussy is complete different and is the manliest thing you can do. Being a father and taking care of your little princess is manly as well. But it aint the same as playing with a doll.

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Haha. So "being a pussy doesn't get you pussy but getting pussy makes you not a pussy"?

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I can't imagine a guy in my school playing with a baby doll....though it would be very sweet. Somehow this post made me say "aww" but there was something else too that I can't put my finger on.

Let me help you. A boy who plays wiith dolls is a pussy.

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You play with dolls? you must be gay or have a vagina.

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jesus, somebody dismember that pompous faggot arcasia. It overabuses it's privilage to free speech and to life.

And, to the semi brain dead slut who posted this, it's a bitch's (as in the female) job to raise the god damn baby. Little plastic babies are for little girls to play with due to a "maternal instinct". If a little boy sees some legos and a little plastic baby and plays with the baby, do the future world a favor and beat that future faggot with a bat. He'd die happily anyway, as he's getting beat by a hard woody.


Brave and Vigilant Knight

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@jesus, somebody dismember that pompous faggot arcasia. It overabuses it's privilage to free speech and to...

(BraveAndVigilantK...): ...Why is it the bitch's job to raise the baby? It's half the guy's baby. Shouldn't they both raise it equally?

There's no need to get technical about it. Boy plays wth doll=He's gay. There's nothing wrong with it. But if he likes dolls he must like cocks as well.

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