Even though I love you so much, you're so stupid. Completely oblivious to the fact that right in front of you is a girl, who dreams about you every night, who would treat you like a king, who would never stop loving you, and yet you go after those other girls. And you wonder why your love life sucks. amirite?

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Wow. Thats pretty much the story of my life.

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It's the same way with me but the other way around.

it's because you're ugly. it's sad but true

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My new Facebook status.

story of my life.

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this it too dramatic..

The girl you're talking about is ugly, thats why.

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I really don't understand why haters waste their time ranking on something they think negatively of. If you don't agree with this post, then go comment on one you DO agree with. I think this post perfectly described the way a lot of NON-UGLY girls feel btw.

I love you for this. It's exactly how I feel, but I take the blame on me.. I'm too chicken to tell him how I feel!

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i'll bet she's not. the guy's just stupid, that's all.

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Dude I love how theres 600+ people that AGREE, yet the haters still waste their time being pathetic and critizicing this post lol.

Im not ugly and this is happening to me right now with my bestfriend.

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Though this is extremely exaggerated, I can relate to this feeling umm.. right now. >__< And I bet a ton of other girls can, too.

Stupid boy who can't see what's right under his nose. He has to go chase after some other girl who broke up with him a month later...
Naa, I'm probably just chicken and too ugly. :/

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Go get psychiatric help.

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@Go get psychiatric help.

How about you stop being such a jackass?

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