Alice in Wonderland, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Wizard of Oz have the same plots. They go into a different world, team up with the good side, defeat the bad side, and come back to reality confused. amirite?

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the same BASIC OUTLINE, not plot.

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@the same BASIC OUTLINE, not plot.

yeah! That would apply to so many books and movies.

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Add Peter Pan to that list

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That doesn't mean they're at all the same...
Here, I can tell you about 95% of movies
There's a good character and a bad character, we learn about the good character, some big event happens, then in the end all the loose ends are tied up and there is a happy ending.
Does that make The Notebook the same as The Lion King? No.

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But the Wizard of Oz does it best. ;)

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@But the Wizard of Oz does it best. ;)

It's also about 2 girls fighting to the death over shoes.

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