The first time you saw the name "Sean" you thought it was pronouced "Seen", amirite?

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when I read, even though I know it's not how it's pronounced, I still pronounce it 'seen' in my head.

It was the opposite for me. I knew a kid named Sean, and I thought he was bsing me when he said his name was spelled that way, because of course at the age of five I thought it was spelled Shon.

I have a friend who spells his name that way, and even though I know that's NOT how it's pronounced, I still call him "Seen". :P

the only reason you think that is 'cause if you spell it properly its séan

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I thought it was pronounced seen and then I told my friend "Wait, but it is pronounced sean?" and then she read it out loud and pronounced it correctly and I haven't stopped laughing since.

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