It's okay that I'm 15 and have had sex with 2 of my teachers for extra credit in the past three years, and am now pregnant by my classmate's father, amirite?

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That would be okay if you were on secret life of the american teenager but this reality

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This user has deactivated their account.

Doesn't change the fact that it's amazing..lol

Why did people homepage this? That's the real question here.

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Disgusting. You give teenager a bad name.

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omg me too :D bestiessssssss

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1. thats a total freaking lie.
2. if it was true youd be like all over the news.
3 if its true your a whore

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lets NOT post obvious lies on this site k?

ur either a: a liar or b: a disgusting skanky whore or C: all of the above

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The person who posted this admits it's not true. So derr they're lying

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I sucked my teachers cock once and i got a passing grade. They said that i had to have sex with them once a month though to keep my grade up but i was okay wiht it. It still was a really fun and he enjoyed it. and i was only 15 too! :) it's normal to do stufff like that. :)


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most definitely.

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Oh yes. They're justa trollin

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hahahaha people calm down it was a total fake! i made it up to see if retarded lies like this can actually get through. sheesh don't have a heartattack. i wont do it again

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your a sick unit

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Don't write stuff like this its just terrible.

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How do these get through?!

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Wow you are a total slut. I`m gonna laugh when you get an STD.

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dude, your fucking stuuupid.

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by "okay" you mean what??/

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...oh boy.

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cough stupid.i smell lies.

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what do you mean by that?

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My response: tsk tsk tsk shame....


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Yay trolling! :D
I wonder what the chances of a teacher agreeing to have sex with a minor in exchange for extra credit are.

Hm, it's possible that this could even be morally right. Maybe you have a class with your son/daughter, making your classmate's father your husband/boyfriend, and that two of your ex-boyfriends are your teachers?


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Okay, well way to be a troll.

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@Okay, well way to be a troll.

I do my best.
I had never even heard the term "trolling" until months after I wrote this post.

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You need help and you need to get a REAL life.

Ewwww...you're sick....and...disgusting.

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keep some things to yourself


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i already havee one. i'm not the on who posted that dumb post. and i wasn't even talking about you.

Oh my. You must be hot ;)

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slutwhore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!will u be my friend lol nawt dont come near me skank.

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i'm just kidding :) my friend told me to post it to get it onto the most hated list...

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