If you don't chase your dreams, who will, amirite?

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Your dog will

"I'm sick of following my dreams, I'll just ask where they're going and hook up with them later" (Mitch Hedberg)

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Get this on homepage! xD

how do i do that? lol im new to this

@Dunn305 how do i do that? lol im new to this

There is a button that when people vote they can click on to vote you onto homepage. I just try to get their attention and tell them to vote for you. I have said the same thing on other people's posts that have gotten on home page. I like helping. :)

Chuck Norris.

nice thanks! i hope it goes to the home page, i came up with it. :p

my children.

Freddy Krueger.

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Who ya gonna call? DREAM CHASERS!

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Hopefully someone smarter and better looking.

Well sure we need men to reproduce, but if there were just men and no women, the human race would be screwed. THAT'S the point we're trying to make.

Someone with bigger balls than I.


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