If a transgender gay man (who looks like a woman) became attracted to a butch lesbian before realizing she was a girl, and the lesbian in turn was attracted to him before realizing he was a man, they'd be technically straight for a moment, amirite?

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i have this thought all the time.

it took me forever to figure this out:p

Yes and no. Wording seems off.

Firstly "transgender gay man" would refer to a female-to-male, who was attracted to males, NOT a male-to-female, who would be a straight trans woman.

"(who looks like a woman)" Again, I'm not sure if you're misunderstanding it, or you mean a trans man who hasn't transitioned yet.

But yeah, if you were meaning a trans guy, it would be correct. But if you were talking about a male-to-female, then it's all wrong.

Sorry to be a little correction wanker, but there's just too much false shite about transgenders/transsexuals out there.

My friend Ryan is a FTM transgender.

Just thought I'd throw that in there :]

world asplodes

Or Pansexual. Just sayin~

too freckin long man

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@too freckin long man

Freckin= most hilarious nonword ever.

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