eating dinner for breakfast (pasta, steak, pizza, etc.) is freakin' amazing, but eating breakfast for dinner is just wrong and unsatisfying on so many levels, amirite?

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maybe your just having the wrong breakfast food, because pancakes are good at anytime of day, especially at dinner

waffles for dinner = AWESOME.

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No way! Brinner is the BEST!

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dude, it works both ways! pizza for breakfast-good. pancakes for dinner-very good!

Its the other way around for me

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Pancakes for dinner errr nighttt!

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Ya I have it the other way Around. I love breakfast at dinner. Eggs sausage pancakes!

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AHHH! WAFFLES! dude waffles for breakfast is the SHIT. and i know this is gonna sound weird but dnt knock it til u try it. An egg n chz wafflewich. an egg and cheese on a buttered waffle with another waffle on top

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I always thought it was the other way around. Like, "Oh, cool, waffles for dinner."

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If I eat dinner for breakfast I can hardly stomach it and feel nauseous for the rest of the day.

You can eat whatever you want anytime of day.

i hate breakfast any time of the day, unless im going out to eat it (only before 11 am)

i love pizza from the night before for breakfast soo good! but very few breakfast foods are good for supper

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