When are guy's gonna learn that when we say "I'm fine" is just code for "No, I am worse than ever" and when we say "No, it's okay, go, go ahead and have fun" is code for "PLEASE, PLEASE stay with me!! I need you..." They need to hurry up and learn this, amirite?

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When are people gonna learn that not all guys are super ex-marine guys who understand complex codes and messages. Just tell us what you mean and we will listen

@Coday When are people gonna learn that not all guys are super ex-marine guys who understand complex codes and messages...

exactly, we do know what those mean, we just dont care or we dont wanna listen to you because hearing you bitch all day about how hard your life is and how men dont understand isnt as fun as it sounds

Or, you could just tell us wtf you mean instead of saying something else and expecting us to read your mind.

Stop being a 12 YO douchebag and learn to say what you mean.

If you tell you're boyfriend that you're fine when you really aren't, expexting him to just know, then you're not a good girlfriend....

incedios avatar incedio No Way +21Reply

I thought that stopped when you were 12?
Jesus Christ.
I'm a girl and I don't play this shitty game.

dradyns avatar dradyn No Way +18Reply

Sorry, I forgot to switch my telepathy from AM to FM, my bad. So are you really fine or not?

Why are girls so freaking needy?
(This is coming from a girl by the way)

@TaergaLive Why are girls so freaking needy? (This is coming from a girl by the way)

I know! And every girl isn't that pathetic that she can't live without her bf

looks out window Oh. There goes the women's movement.

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No, girls need to learn what most of the above commentors said; say what you mean, and quit trying to "test" your boyfriend by making him read your mind. You can't read minds either; why do you expect him to? It's asinine to expect anyone- especially a guy, whose feelings generally don't run that deep- to automatically intuit "I NEED YOU" from "I'm fine, go do what you like". I heartily concur that girls who do that are shitty girlfriends, and deserve to be neglected and then dumped. Communication is the basis of any good relationship; if you refuse to communicate clearly, then you don't even have one.

If I say I'm fine when I'm not, its because I don't want to talk about it. Because if I tell him I'm not ok but that I don't wanna talk he gets mad. And I really don't care if he wants to do stuff without me. People need space. We have our own lives. That's how it should be.

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OR, how about us women learn to stop with the bullshit, communicate, and be honest about what we want, what we think, and how feel. That way we can take control over our own lives, instead of waiting on our male peers to do it for us.

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Or, women need to learn how to cook, and beat the temptations of wanting to get out of the kitchen.

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No, you need to learn how to just say what's on your mind instead of speaking in code.
It isn't the guy's fault, it's yours for not saying what you mean like a normal person.

Girls are stupid. If you're expactations are so high that you think guys can read your mind, you shouldn't be dating because you'll never be happy.

This is so stupid. When I say I'm fine, I actually mean it.

My god, girls are annoying as fuck. Makes me ashamed to be female when I hear about shit that girls do. Why can't they just understand that minds can't be read? Man....

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We know this, we just ignore you on purpose, so you'll learn to stop telling lies.

actually, most of the time when i tell a guy "no, go ahead" i actually mean it, and i promise them i mean it, too. it's much easier that way

WHY don't women just say it then? It can be so simple. But you make it so complicated.

I agree with everyone on the comments, nobody's a mind reader.

Rass avatar Ras No Way +3Reply

Isn't it much easier to just be honest..if a guy's your boyfriend or someone who cares about you, then tell them how you feel. Otherwise don't get mega pissed when he does what you say, and doesn't over analyze the fuck out of it. Say what you mean.

JUST. BE. HONEST. And quit being so needy.

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Every guy I know knows that ill say my feelings. why the hell use a secret code??? thats stupid, and just makes it worse for the person using it... just say what you need to, dont try to get attention, because it's not gonna work, at least it won't in my world

it'd be a lot easier if you just said what you meant. Whats the point of saying something if its not what you mean?

DaAce96s avatar DaAce96 Yeah You Are +2Reply

this is why women get disrespected. Act like a grown up if you want to be treated as such.

Men do understand this stupid logic as women are not as good at faking as they think. We just get tired of petting you to make you feel good. Those jeans make your already wide bum look big and we know you are not happy. Unless you wanna open up we wont do what you do and jump down your throat to learn what or why - often as we don't care or can guess.

Though men often do this whe will women learn 'i love you' actually means 'i like you for now' and that 'i am going out to see mates' means 'off to escape you' but the big important one - for men 'shopping' means walking around looking at women.

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Maybe you should shut up and apply this to yourselves instead of lecturing us. You aren't the only ones who do it.

When r girls going to understand to speak their minds rather then send hidden freaking messages...

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i hate when girls say something like "oh, i'm fine" and expect their boyfriends to automatically know they aren't, say what's going on or no one's going to help you.

Or maybe you could actually say how you feel instead of expecting your boyfriend to read your mind, and then get mad when he doesn't.

It's people like you that make the rest of us ladies look like idiots.

How the hell are guys supposed to know that? Seriously, just say what you mean.

haha shit a girl said those exact things to me but i believed her and went out :P whupss

Anonymous +1Reply

glad someone else feels the same!

reerees avatar reeree Yeah You Are 0Reply

I think (as everyone else said :P) that it would obviously be much better if girls just said what they meant, and didn't say the opposite of what they wanted guys to know...

If I lied and said I'm okay when I'm not, I wouldn't be do it hoping that a guy would read my mind and see I'm not okay, I'd do it hoping that he wouldn't ask again... xP

I only speak in "code" 50% of the time. Half of the time I am ok, and the other 50% of the time I tell him I am because I don't want to make him worry and freak out and think he did something wrong. Or in the case of telling him to hang out with other people it's because, as much as I may want him around, I don't want to control him either. He needs his friends too. I get that.

But I don't expect him to be able to read my mind. Ever. That would be scary.

The right kind of guy will understand. It's not all guys, just apparently the guys girls go for.

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