You would rather be a poor but loved person than a rich person that everybody hates, amirite?

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I wouldn't really care if I was rich and no one liked me. My 18 year old, gold digger wife wouldn't care ;)

Mikes avatar Mike No Way +3Reply

Is anyone surprised I disagree?

Both choices are bad. You either want glory or riches. At least in the latter choice you can help people without being recognized

Luffys avatar Luffy No Way +2Reply

I don't know, that Rockefeller guy didn't really care if anyone hated him and look what he did.

@KateLovesYou who? lol


I'd rather be loved and rich, lol can that be an option?

choirangels avatar choirangel Yeah You Are +2Reply
@choirangel seriously? I'd rather be loved and rich, lol can that be an option?

lol im only 13 i dont know much. Maybe ill google it. But sadly, Loved and rich isnt an option, lol

@No offense but you're supposed to be above 16 to be on this site.

...Seriously?? Where does it say that? Also, I think I heard somewhere that most of the people on this site are girls between 12 and 15 or something...

Rainbow35s avatar Rainbow35 Yeah You Are 0Reply

Assets make me happy, and I'm sure some people would like me if I'm rich. I don't need others' approval. I've got a Mercedes and a mansion, so suck on that.

its easier for a rich person to change and become a better person than it is to make poor person become rich

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