Its perfectly okay to be in the "in" crowd and occasionally laugh at the less "popular" kids, amirite?

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I can tell you are not going to be my friend ever.

I'm not going to judge you, because I don't know you; but at my school, the "in" crowd is just a group of stuck-up brats who like to laugh at others because of their own insecurities.

get off your high horse bitch

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First part: Yes.
Second part: Only if you laugh with not at.

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No, because they aren't your true friends, the day you become ugly, they will throw you to the side and then you become the less "popular" kid.

That's mean and by saying that you sound like a stuck up person

She be trolling... they hating! :D

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popularity does not equal coolness
the coolest kids i know are not "popular" and the kids that are popular are self obsessed douchebags that think they're the coolest toughest hottest, and any other good -est ever.
shut the fuck up

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the "in" crowd doesn't actually like you, as said above if you become ugly, or confess to one "uncool" thing they'll throw you away

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you piss me off

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Popular people think they're so cool it makes everyone angry, as you see from above. They also think they're perfect so one slip like laughing with the "in" crowd and they will bitch on you. Nobody likes the popular douche bags, I hope you realize that now.

i'm thinking this is sarcasm, correct? :)

@aggie2014 i'm thinking this is sarcasm, correct? :)

THANK YOU. Damn, I'm getting all of these hate comments, and i was just kidding. (: you deserve a high five :b

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i dont think its nice to laugh at people

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