Why is it that girls can listen to anything they want and not get judge for it, but when a guy listens to a girl singer, he is called stupid or weird. amirite?

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Because men are supposed to be manly.

OP doesn't know that a "why" question cannot have a 'yes or no' answer.

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This guy I know listens to David Archuleta and a bunch of other girly music and I said he had gay taste in music (not in a bad way!), and lo and behold he turned out to be bisexual.

I'm a girl and i don't listen to music with girls singing it, unless it's Flyleaf, or it's harmony with a guy, i dont even know why o.O

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Wait! Nobody sent me an email. So as a guy I am not supposed to listen to female singers or musicians?
So I can't sing "I'm the happiest girl in the whole USA" by Dolly Parton in the shower anymore?! :-O NOOOOOOOO!

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