It's kinda nice having long boobs, because I can go for a jog without a bra and have my boobies hit me in the face and it wakes you up for the day, amirite?

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Dafuq did I just read?

But srsly.

Dafuq is a long boob?

pics or it didnt happen.

Long boobs = saggy boobs.
So I see being a old lady does have it's advantages..?

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Can't say I know what it feels like to have long boobs, but this is similar to when I go jogging with no underwear. smirk smilie

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Nothing is nicer or more awakening like a hit in the face by a boob.
How long are we talking about?

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@Long enough to snack.your face and the back of your neck

How long would that be in cm according to your calculations?

Isn't it such a weird wording; 'long boobs'? I've heard of big boobs but never long,

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