Its okay that I had sex with her and got her pregnant, because she's my wife and I love her and we've been trying to have a baby for months, amirite?

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Awkward moment when the child is born black...

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Great post, was shocked at first, but you were playing on the demographics of the site.

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@ARandomPerson Great post, was shocked at first, but you were playing on the demographics of the site.

I was thinking the same thing, like: "Wait.. did he..?"
Anyway, congrats on becoming a father! :D


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That's not okay. It is is marvelous!

When i started reading this I thought it was going to be one of those bad posts, then i kept on reading...

I don't understand how people clicked on "No Way!", unless they're plain 'ole jealous. Congratulations! That's amazing!

Congrats! :D

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Congratulations man (:

OhJustLaughs avatar OhJustLaugh Yeah You Are +2Reply

That's awesome, man!!!!! You better be good to the kid forever :)

Congrats! :P

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I'd say congrats, but I think that's been done already... Ah who cares?!?! CONGRATULATIONS!!

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congrats :)

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awww congratulations! :)

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congratulations man (:



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Lol @ everyone congradulating... this post was probably a joke...

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Congratulations :D

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Did you really have a baby???? If so, congratulations. If not, still a great post!!

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I'm happy for you, but I was just wondering...why would you even post this? I mean, the answer is obviously yes.

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