Am i the only one whos sick of this stephen hawking motherfucker? Super massive black holes? What the fuck is he talking about, amirite?

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Maybe you should get your head out of your ass and learn about things that exist outside of the hood.

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you do realize he is one of the most brilliant scientists the modern world has seen? im sure he knows exactly what the fuck hes talking about

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What i'm wondering is how you can even spell words correctly if your this dumb.

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Basically, supermassive black holes are just black holes that have enough mass (and therefore enough gravitational pull) to be the center of a galaxy. Not the entire story, but you don't seem to be one who cares about getting all the information before you judge so I'm assuming this is good enough for you. Stephen Hawking is one of the (if not the) most brilliant modern scientists in the world, and, like #211047 said, knows exactly what the fuck he's talking about.

@kodabear911 Basically, supermassive black holes are just black holes that have enough mass (and therefore enough gravitational...

He may be brilliant, but he's lost a shitload of credibility. He's changed his perspective so many times, due to faulty theories of his. I'm not disrespecting him, he's a genius, but he's not that credible.

He doesn't know exactly what he's talking about either. He definitely fucked up when he tried to postulate that there is no such thing as a black hole back in 2004, among other mistakes. Right now, he's just spending his time proving other scientists' theories.

So yeah, he's smart, but he's lost a lot of credibility as a physicist.

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i think the real question here is what the hell is OP talking about ? lol .

You're the reason Americans are stereotyped as stupid.

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Haha. This sounds like something a comedian might say.

OP is a dick.

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Fuckin' miracles!

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He's talking about big black beautiful vaginas. Get some.

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I honestly thought you were kidding for a moment... until I read the comments. How could you possibly be so ignorant?

Seriously? Wow. He's one of the smartest scientists EVER! What's the point of hating on him when he's gotten farther in life then you every will. And he's an old man for godsake can he get a little respect?!

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