Everyone's favorite dinosaur seems to be a Velociraptor, amirite?

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Betty White.


Dracorex Hogwartsia.

@Slenderman Dracorex Hogwartsia.

What's up with negative votes people? Not cool :(

Velociraptors avatar Velociraptor Yeah You Are +2Reply

mine is a triceratops

@Evan17 mine is a triceratops

Same bro. After I heard about how triceratops could kill T-Rexes, I knew it was the one.

LamWins avatar LamWin No Way +6Reply

Everyone's favorite dinosaur SHOULD be a Velociraptor.

whatwhats avatar whatwhat Yeah You Are +3Reply


I've always liked Brontosauruses. They only ate plants, but they just seem so badass.

brunetterox915s avatar brunetterox915 Yeah You Are +2Reply

no, that one's just the most fun kind to say.

Liopleurodon up in this bitch.

SmartSpoons avatar SmartSpoon Yeah You Are +2Reply

petri the pterodactyl

Velociraptors got nothing on Spinosaurus.

I prefer Iguanadons

Hypsilophodon. So Badass.

Stegosaurus all the way man


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