Dear laundry detergent commercials, GUYS DO LAUNDRY TOO. I would really appreciate if you placed one of them in your ads once in a while. Stop being so sexist :P amirite?

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now if only the guy would make his own damn sandwich.

Also, in almost all yogurt commercials, you only see women enjoying it! MEN EAT YOGURT TOO! >:O

it's pure sexism, I do the laundry in the family... it sucks that they still steriotype women as stay at home slaves to fat white guys in suits. This isn't the sixties anymore.

Lol its so true. And then all of the business commercials have guys in them. Seriously? I also love that every woman in every commercial is the one that deals with the bratty toddler. Lol. Our society claims to be so advanced when we've got a long way to go. It makes me laugh inside a little bit. Haha.

They do on persil :-)

Just remember, it is Billy Mays who uses orangeglow and oxiclean

You ruined this post with the ":P"

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I'm not sure how commercials work but maybe men don't audition?

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So according to what a man has seen from commercials:

Women's period blood is blue, and said periods consist of tampon-based duels and randomly dancing.
Women are addicted to yogurt, with men being completely unable to fathom the flavors of yogurt. This results in them not eating it.
Only women have any idea how to do laundry.

All of the laundry adverts here in the UK that I can think of are of men.

True in some cases, but my dad sure as hell never does his own laundry. I don't think he has in decades.

No they don't, they're just lazy and make sandwiches. Plus, women know best.

Stop whining you big pussy.

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