When you turn off the lights in the basement to leave, you flip the switch, then BOOK IT THE HELL OUT OF THERE. Who knows what lurks in the darkness waiting to grab your ankles as you go up the stairs, amirite?

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Yeah, I've seen this fucking post at least 30 times between amirite, MLIA, FML, and Facebook. It's old.

Same!! except i dont have a basement so instead, i do it when im turning out the lights to my room. just gives me the creeps :P

The worst thing is when your power gets shut off, and before it gets turned back on, you have to go turn off the fuse box, which just happens to be downstairs, in the dark.

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I don't do any of that because I'm not a pussy retard who thinks that there are monsters living in my house. Stop being such a coward, it's the goddamn dark, nothing special.

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Oh yeah I totally did this all the time when I was 6!

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