If Buckley's, Duct Tape, WD-40 or Band-Aids can't solve your problem, you're screwed, amirite?

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This makes me want to know what Buckley's is so I can go buy some just in case.

I also don't know what Buckleys are/is, but there is one final, last, solution: Whiskey.

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You're forgetting sonic screwdrivers

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forgot the Robbitusin

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What is/are "Buckley's"?

people dont know what buckleys is? ono smilie

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@people dont know what buckleys is?

(>3): Nope, would you be kind enough to tell us?

@Awesomsaurus3000 (>3): Nope, would you be kind enough to tell us?

If you google it the first result is a cough med. im not entirely sure tho

Duct tape solves every problem. There is no need to look any further.

you forgot bubblegum
whats buckleys?

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Duct tape doubles as Bandaid, thus rendering it useless.

(Awesomasaurus3000) : yeah like the other person said
Its a cough medicine
Its the best out there too.
Sorry i just thought most people knew xD

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You forgot pepto.

You forgot Ben and Jerry's.

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you forgot super glue.

if you have Buckley's, you do not need Robitussin. Yes, it is a cough medicine, motto is "It tastes awful but it works". And believe me, it works. You take it once and will yourself to not be sick anymore, its that bad

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