Real men wear pink. amirite?

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Sure. And they carry purses and go by the name of Sue too.

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@Sure. And they carry purses and go by the name of Sue too.

@37483: They can if they're man enough to take the humiliation of it.

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Real men wear whatever they want. Along with having penises.

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Then there are a bunch of "Real Men" in San Francisco.

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Real men have a penis.


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Real men aren't faggots and therefore do not wear pink.

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who cares...? ts just a color....

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I'm not wearing pink. checks in pants definitely still there.

Just because I don't wear pink doesn't make me any less of a man.

Until the men in the armed forces wear pink, athletes winning seasons wear pink, and common fathers wear pink, pink shall not be a manly color.

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