At least once, you've posted something as yourself then added a bunch of comments from "Anonymous" so it looked like a lot of people agreed with you, amirite?

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Yeah, totally! I do that all the time and anyone who disagrees is a loser!

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I'm naked.

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I also agree and I would like to add that OP is an incredible person and not at all pathetic!

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That was so pathetic.


I'm bored with this.

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all the anon comments

I lol'd

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The funny thing is I don't think OP made any of the anon comments. I made the first two of them.


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What, that you're the OP?

I would like to think that all the people who agreed are kidding... but since I've seen it once or twice, I'm going to have to reluctantly accept that there are people that pathetic. =/

This is absolutely pathetic.

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Now we know you do..

haha I do that too!

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Right on broski.

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I agree.

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I do that all the time!

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Omg you do that too?

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I thought I was the only one who did that!

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This is a really smart idea I think I'll try it!

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