Thinking to yourself Okayy this is the last chip I'm going to eat, then I'm putting them away. eats chip thinking to self Okayy, maybe one more. . amirite?

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Popcorn is the worst...


It works with anything that you probably shouldn't eat anymore of. (:


it also works with pringles

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its about time this got on the homepage. i remember this post being around when i was first a member

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just one more chip = the whole bag

Now I have AIDS :(

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Fortunately for me I don't like chips that much. I put some on my plate and when those are gone it is enough, usually

Used to happen to me because whenever I ate chips my fingers would be covered in whatever seasoning was on the chips, so it made me feel icky touching the bag. That meant I wouldn't want to close it -> wouldn't want to put it away. Now if I ever say one more chip I wash my hands then I put it away :P

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