Professional footballers shouldn't get paid so much, especially considering the reccesion and the fact that so many qualified doctors, fire fighters, police officers or any other trained people don't have work or are getting paid very little, amirite?

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i thought doctors got paid well >.>

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So where would the money go? To the owner of the team, probably.

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I agree, we should make the United States into a communist country.

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Uh...I'm not very practiced at talking to self-righteous idiots, but it's the basic law of supply and demand.

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Ummm you know they are playing football players to support the rest of their lives on that salary and since the average career is less than 5 years they need the money to support themselves.

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Maybe there should be more football teams so all them other people get various jobs from said new football teams?

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I'm sorry, and who would the money go to?

A star athlete can have millions of fans across his or her country and can make companies like Nike millions of dollars by endorsing their products.

The reason athletes are paid so much is that they make others a profit, and therefore their paychecks are viable. Schoolteachers and firefighters, honorable as their professions may be, aren't nearly as profitable and therefore can't be paid as much.

If you don't want athletes to get paid millions, then stop watching their games and stop buying the products they endorse. It's really as simple as that.

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