You felt awesome when you finally got to see Alice In WOnderland, but after watching the entire film you were wondering what all the hype was. IT SUCKED! Amirite?

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I freaking loved that movie. ):

The book is always better.

The sets and animation was great, and so were the costumes and characters. But behind all that, the story and the script were horrid. For a Tim Burton film, it was a disappointment.

The movie wasn't particularly good. It didn't suck, but it certainly wasn't good. In my opinion, the book was way better.

I loved it! What's wrong with you?

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The movie sucked balls.

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YES! That movie was terrible. The visual aspects of it were great, but the story was terrible and as was the way they approached the characters. The actors also looked a little confused and/or bored. Being a huge fan of the Alice books, I was very, very disappointed, especially since I am also a huge fan of Tim Burton and his usual troop of actors (Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Timothy Spall, Alan Rickman). All in all, I agree completely!!

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That may be the case but you can't deny that it had a great soundtrack. But, for a Tim Burton film I was disapppinted.

What was wrong was that none of chacters were able to seriously act, Alice barely had ANY lines and it was so weird the movie took out the drug aspect that made the first one important...but had Anne Hathaway (the White Queen) holding pickled fingers and Alice walking across dismembered heads. And what the heck was with the whole Hater/Alice thing, was I the only one who caught that drift?

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@What was wrong was that none of chacters were able to seriously act, Alice barely had ANY lines and it was so weird...

(Me _._): Yeah the Hatter/Alice thing was reeeaallyy creepy! Plus, it has NOTHING to do with the book as the hatter is simply a single character among many, not a main character. Plus, his accents kept changing! One part he's american and then the next second he's giving a creepy speech in a scottish accent! And then there's the "futterwhacking"...ugh

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