"iPad" sounds like an Irishman saying "iPod", amirite?

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I think it'd be the other way around...

Nah, just the OTT American stereotype of Irish, methinks :P

It spunds like a pirate _^

it sounds like an american trying to saound like an irishperson saying ipod

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I tested this out, it does not.


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Or someone from Wisconsin. xD

@herpderpderp Or someone from Wisconsin. xD

To imitate my cousins from Minnisota(basically the same thing as Wisconsin) we change all the O's to A's.

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no it sounds like an american saying ipod
like u know with the ny accents

Kinda sounds more like a Boston accent saying iPod


It sounds like someone from northern Ireland, specifically belfast, trying to say iPod -irishwoman

It sounds like a Swedish or Norwegian person trying to say iPod, not Irish.

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