Yawning is contagious. If you see someone else yawn you most likely will yawn withing 5 minutes of seeing the other person yawn. Just hearing the word 'yawn' can make you yawn. Yawn yawn yawn. Reading the word 'yawn' can also make you yawn.Yawn..I bet that you have yawned something throughout reading this post. amirite?

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Now yawn doesn't seem like a word after reading it so many times.

I didn't yawn - I felt like I was going to the whole time though. Wierd....

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TOTALLY happened! And, like, EXACTLY while you were saying it.

Ha. I didn't yawn. >:{D
Sadly, this is probably my greatness accomplishment of the day. How sad.

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I yawned while reading this, and after reading the comments because most of them have the word in them. (:

Oh darn you. Now I can't stop yawning.

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I just got my tonsils out. Yawning hurts :( I think I'm gonna sob now

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Didn't make me yawn =)

FUCK! You beat me.

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Oh my God, I yawned while reading this, and didn't realize for a few minutes.

I didn't yawn

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This site is no better than MLIA. Stop kidding yourselves.

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