So, 35% Of my Science Project marks are on coloring, neatness, and pictures. What the hell does Art have to do with Science? Thanks teach for making my mark drop by 35%. amirite?

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It's called taking pride in your work and making it worthy enough that someone else will look at it.

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Sad fact of the real world, bullshit information with a great presentation is received better than great information with an unremarkable presentation.

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Following instructions is a part of life too.
Granted you may not become a scientist when you grow up and teachers have a tendency to be more strict than what they need to be. If you can't follow simple instructions now it will get harder and you will become more angry when you get into the working world.
I'm not trying to get you mad but rather help you.

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I lost my rightful place as valedictorian because of that crap.

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My fucking Science teacher took off points on my project, because my name was on the front instead of the back. ):

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