It's so annoying when you're in an arguement with someone online and all they can do is bash on your spelling errors. amirite?

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Oh nice, you spelled argument incorrectly X)

Unless you're arguing about their intelligence.
Then it's very useful.

I don't mind if someone misspells a word on accident, as long as I can understand it. But typing like the person above is annoying.

I take it you speak from experience.

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The obvious choice would be to stop making spelling/grammar errors....

But it's one of the best things to do because it pisses them off..

Just say they are committing an ad hominem fallacy.

"hmm I don't have any comeback so I'll just correct your grammar" :P

Oh I kno rite? Thats so anoyying!

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@jukilo Oh I kno rite? Thats so anoyying!

What an arse you are really.Go back to the dark corner of your basement

@jukilo Geeez it was a joke. Why so sensitive?

Sorry I was In a bad mood then, I was very negitive towards everything, so don't take It personally

Well, if that's all they can do, then that just means you've already won.

I know it's soooo annoying!!! It's even worse when several people point it out, and you know they only do it just to annoy you!!!

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