Site is finished. This is going to kick ass, amirite?

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Littile did anthony know...

willisjaws avatar willisjaw Yeah You Are +25Reply

sorite! :D

Anonymous +12Reply

pfft "going to"?? It already does!

this is my favorite website ever :)

Anonymous +11Reply

It feels good to "yeah you are" this over a year later, knowing that it did :)

Anonymous +11Reply

youre right, this is pretty kickass.
it kicks the ass of MLIA anyway.

Big_Bosss avatar Big_Boss Yeah You Are +10Reply

...hi. just thought i'd find the first post, so you know.

alison_lees avatar alison_lee Yeah You Are +7Reply


That it does my friend, that it does :)

I love it. Good job! You are rite!

Anonymous +4Reply

ya it will! x]

CBbasketballs avatar CBbasketball Yeah You Are +4Reply

yes this website does kick ass

Anonymous +3Reply
This comment was deleted by its author.

Why do you feel that way?

mchalla3s avatar mchalla3 Yeah You Are +1Reply

boo ya

bondcatbonds avatar bondcatbond Yeah You Are +1Reply

:-P It's really good, better?

Anonymous 0Reply

it's awesome!

Anonymous 0Reply

Understatement of the decade.

Briannes avatar Brianne Yeah You Are 0Reply
@Brianne Understatement of the decade.

haha, new decade :)
this is like a time capsule

BobWilsons avatar BobWilson Yeah You Are +2Reply

It's ass-tastic!

777ynona 0Reply

amirite sucks.

999s avatar 999 No Way 0Reply

it does :D

mchalla3s avatar mchalla3 Yeah You Are -1Reply
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