You have wondered at some point how they came up with the heart shape since it looks nothing like a real heart Amirite?

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I think it had something to do with a misinterpretation of early descriptions of the heart having left and right ventricles, but I could be making that up.

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I think it has something to do with swans...

Boobs at one end. For tots. Duh. The other is an equilateral triangle. Duh. :P

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It does look like a heart but you have to look at it from a certain angle.

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The heart we all use on valentine's day ( <3) is actually modeled a now extinct plant called the silphium plant. It was shaped in the <3 way and used mostly for seasoning while cooking and also given to people as a gift, such as roses are now. Hope this helps :) im posting anonymously because I don't have an account, new to this site.

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It actually does look like the heart icon, if you look. A little, anyway.

I asked this question in science when we were learning about the heart. My teacher said that if you look past the valves and stuff it is kinda the shape of a "cartoon" heart.

It's not a "heart shape", it's a valentine.

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The heart is based off of the shape of a uterus because that is the "love organ". Or so I've been told.

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If you cut a heart in half and open it up it looks like a cartoon heart. We dissected a heart in biology and the teacher told us.

Actually, according to "the big bang theory", Amy said the heart was supposed to be "a bent over girl", and this shape was supposed to originate for what some people described as love. I am not sure if this is right, but at least they said so on the series.

Okay, the actual reason is that's what the liver looks like, and in the olden days, people believed your emotions came from your liver, so this is what they drew to symbolise love. Now, obviously people believe feelings come from your heart, but the depiction of the liver as a love vessel became so popular that no one wanted to let it go, and it is still commonly used today.

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