It's awkward when your mom screams, "KATIE, DO YOU NEED ANY MENSTRUAL PADS?" in the middle of the grocery store. It's even more awkward when you reply. amirite?

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Especially if your name isn't Katie...

Especially if you're a guy.

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especially if it's not your mom, just some random lady.

Especially if you are 50.

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I love how so many of the people who agreed with this post are guys.

Lmao, these comments are amazing.

especially if its your dad.

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especially if you then run up and put the pads in some other ladies cart. come on... it happens to us all

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Yeah that would be awkward...because my names not Katie and I'm a guy, wierde is when I would reply!

@StarKid that actually made me laugh XD any way my name is actually katie!! How wierd right?!?

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especially if you don't have a mom

what is this? MLIA?

haha I agree with the third person to comment. my name's Katie and my mom does that ALL the time...

I love every single one of you commenters right now. :D

especially if you're 7

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