Brad Paisley is hilarious, his songs are fantastic and he is just a very loveable guy. amirite?

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My favorite song by him is Letter To Me because it has meaning and great lyrics.

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I went to his concert

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Whiskey lullaby is so sad. I think that's by him.

I love love love Brad Paisley. He's sexy, smart, funny, and has a beautiful wife. I'm seeing him in concert next month. :D

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What I like about brad is that he actually has talen (guitar) unlike a lot of preformers nowadays

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Also, he's amazingly good-looking! <3
I went to one of his concerts and it was SO awesome!

Haha, my mom loves him. :P

It's not that I don't like country music, though. I just prefer the country classics more; I think they have more texture, more personality. New country sounds kind of scrubbed of all that. Not all of it, though. I'd hate to generalize.

Country music is stupid.

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