Just thinking about engaging in sexual intercourse with minors doesn't make you a pedobear, because you're not actually doing it, amirite?

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Technically no... but still... it's fucked up... wait... define minors, pedobears are pedophiles, so that would be pre-pubescent. Do you actually mean more along the lines of hebephilia (early years of puberty, 11-14 y/o), or ephebophilia (mid to late adolescents, 15-19 y/o)?
Hebephilia is still really fucked up, but ephebophilia is incredibly common.

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Seek help, my friend.

It's especially weird that this is in the 'love' section.

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SalientK - I agree completely. Most people don't make the distinction.

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Nice to see you, my name's Chris Hansen. Why don't you have a seat over there?

I sense a sarcastic troll....or at least I hope I do.

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