You feel really bad when large chested girls are complaining about how big their boobs are when you're really thin and/or have small boobs, amirite?

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Discrimination against boobs is wrong. That's why i accept them all

@Jules I doubt anyone has offered.

Hahaha i was expecting a joke with man boobs but this is just as good

@Jules That would have been too predictable.

Well that was a pretty predictable response as well but whatever floats your boat.

Small boobs are better in my opinion. My boobs went from a 36A to a 36D in about a year and I can honestly say I would trade the bigger ones for the smaller ones. Big boobs are a pain on your back. At least small boobs look perky and you can always invest in a nice push up bra if you're not happy with how they look in clothes.

I hate these boob posts. As long as you are able to produce milk for your child you should be happy.

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"really thin" Seriously? I see nothing wrong with having huge boobs or being a skinny little bitch. I'd be fine with either, IMO.
In the end though, I agree with the comment above ^^

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"Say ma'am... May i compliment you on just how beautiful your spectacular jugs are?" what's awkward about that?

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