That gum commercial says that, in a lifetime, the average person spends over 20,000 minutes kissing. What I'd like to know is, what if you are anything but average? What if you are really ugly, or really hot. What if you don't have lips, amirite?

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Well, that's not average, then.

@Ram27 Well, that's not average, then.

Beat me to it.

It says "Average" and your asking what if your not "Average"...? Wtf

"What if you don't have lips?" XD

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If you don't have lips, you are like that song by the Shins, Kissing the Lipless. :-*

"The average person". The average person looks average. If you were really hot, really ugly, or lipless, you wouldn't be average. The commercial only mentions average people. Bam.

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...Average depends on where you are. That's a really stupid commercial.

You'd probably spend 21356493526 minutes or 0.5. Depends on age and luck.

or the average whore?

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If yu are not average then yu probies wont spend 20,000 minutes kissing

That's about 2 weeks

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