Now that you've read amirite you can't stand reading MLIA. amirite?

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i hate MLIA, but that is how i found out about this site which was very lucky

I hate that site now

I'm on this site because MLIA became really bad.

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I never liked reading "MLIA" even though i only know this site because of reading it. It was actually pretty lucky, the very first time i visited the site i heard about "amirite?".

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MLIA is all a bunch of cliche` crap.

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I like 'em both.

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mlia is fake too much. and has too much to do with harry potter..

I used to like MLIA, but it was invaded by trolls. But thanks to MLIA is found amirite, so all's well that ends well :)

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well i do like MLIA. it keep me busy :)

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I love MLIA.

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