Damn, that's a long tennis match, amirite?

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I'm the jerk who changed +69 to +70 :P

I'm the jerk who changed 111 to 112.

I'm the jerk.

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I'm the kid wondering how long the tennis match was...? :/

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@ten hours i believe

O_o !! That just happened in Wimbledon, correct?

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@yup, i bet you googled it.

Nope, I heard some guys on TV, like announcers or something. I heard them like yesterday, or perhaps the day before say, "It is now the longest tennis match in history" or something like that. I didn't pay enough attention though and kept walking past the TV. Besides, I have been watching Wimbledon so I assumed it happened in it..

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@strawberrybanana over 10 hours and still going on.

So I could turn on the TV and watch it right now?

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@no rofl. hes joking

Oh "rofl". My bad, and I'm sure you weren't rolling on the floor laughing. That's one of the stupidest acronyms in my opinion. No one rolls on the floor laughing from something like that. I bet you didn't even "lol". Thanks for that accusation btw.

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Is it over yet? My satelite dish won't work

Those poor guys. It was a good game though.

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it finished at 11 hours summit....damn o_o i bet they were aching everywere

They took a break! But overall, like 50 games in a single set.

I like...........veener shnitzël.
It's german, and fun to say, and totally random!!!!

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