In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy saying that she'll miss the lion most of all right before she leaves is like making a big fart and then leaving the room. I mean what did the lion ever do, amirite?

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She says that to the scarecrow dipshit

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That was from Family Guy, and ultra hilarious!

I hate Family Guy, I hate that line, and I hate that you got the lion and the scarecrow mixed up.

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Didn't she say that to the Scarecrow?

it was to the scarecrow because he was her first friend so it does make sense.

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Goodbye Big Fart!

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Dorothy says that to the scarecrow because they had a closer relationship in the book series that the movie didn't acknowledge.

Wow. Even when you STEAL THE JOKE you mess it up. This doesn't deserve to be on the homepage. It doesn't even deserve to exist.

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It's the scarecrow, but yeah, dorthy was kind of a bitch for saying that. I wonder how that made tin man and the lion feel

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YouTube video thumbnail

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So proud that you are now competent enough to quote Family Guy as your own...

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I don't get it!

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@I don't get it!

When Dorothy said she'd miss the scarecrow most of all it was like dissing the tinman and the lion.