You hate it when you are wearing a shirt and you see a fat person wearing the same one. amirite?

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And then you realize it's the same size as yours and then you realize you TOO are fat and then you realize YOU are the fat person and that you just saw a mirror

No, cause then it makes me look better in it.

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It annoys me when someone skinnier or prettier than me wears it, because it makes me look bad in comparison.

I like seeing someone in the same shirt as me no matter what. If they're fat, I can think 'I look so much better in it.' If they're skinny/pretty, I can think 'This is clearly a great shirt because that pretty girl obviously thinks it's cool too.' Win all around.

At least you know you look better in it than the fattie.

Nah, I'd probably just give them a high-five

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