If Morgan Freeman read your school announcements, you'd actually pay attention to them, amirite?

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The one time anyone at my school listened to announcements was when the secretary burst into tears in the middle of them and told us all about her boyfriend breaking up with her.

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Or if breakfastfan who I've always assumed sounded exactly like Morgan Freeman read them.

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"Joe Johnson, please report to the main office." -Sexy Morgan Freeman voice.

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actually i would get bored.

or alec baldwin :)

I think I would listen to him have sex... with a guy! And I'm not even into gay sex! Don't judge me.
Morgan Freeman's voice is like Chuck Norris, it can do anything.

@528491 I'm judging you

Don't do it, noooo. It's for your own good!

@528491 Just for that I'ma judge you some more

I'm. Telling. You. STOP. IT. You won't like me, when I'm judged. Well mostly, because of the misconception you will have of the judgement you have cast upon me, but also because I turn into the KULK!! Fear me?

@528491 nope not at all :P and I'd like to add that you sir are on Amiwrong thanks to me http://www.amiwrong.net/1093

:D I'm famous! I don't know where to start, first off I'd like to thank the academy, for being academic. Then I'd have to thank mom and dad, for doing that stuff, I don't want to imagine you doing. And finally I'd like to thank 528491 for giving me this great opportunity. Thank you!

Jack Black made the announcements at our school one day when he was in town shooting a movie.

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I would listen to any annoucement made by a celebrity

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