If you were old enoguh to pick an insurance company, you would pick geico just because they have the best commercials, amirite?

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I'd probskies pick the cheapest one.
Because I'm currently broke.


If I was stupid enough to choose based on commericals (which, unlike you, I'm not), I would definitely choose Progressive. Flo is my hero.

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Even if I did pick my insurance based off commercials, I'd still go with Allstate because of the mayhem guy.

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i love the geico commercials! hahaha
"...did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home?"

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my favorite is the mayhem guy.. "Omg, becky's not even hot"

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I will choose whoever doesn't annoy the fuck out of me with their bastardass earrape every commercial break.
I think I have like...5 options, most of questionable legality.

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