It's funny when people carry their extremely tiny dogs away from you while you are out walking because Bubbles is 'vicious', amirite?

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<3 puppies

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I was freaking mauled by a chihuahua once.

I think it's because dogs can't differentiate between size, that's why little dogs are also mean

A lot of little dogs seem to be evil. Not all of them, but a lot of little dogs are really mean to my dog. One time one made his ear bleed. But don't get me wrong, some little dogs are really sweet.

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Dogs of any size can be vicious.
I have four small dogs. Two are ridiculously friendly. The third one is a girl, she's tiny - a yorkie/chihuahua mixture. She barks at people she doesn't know and dogs of any size. The fourth one, my youngest boy Shadow, is a bit bigger but still small. He's a yorkie/miniature pinscher. He is the friendliest dog when it comes to our family, but he absolutely hates strangers. If he's in the car, we won't let our neighbour get in. When we lived in a duplex, the painter was coming around to each house. He was a moron and, when Shadow barked at him, he stuck his hat through gate. Shadow ripped it to pieces. I took him to the pet shop to get a leash once. I was holding him and when the woman there came near us, he tried to bite her. He's not like that with people he trusts, only strangers.

I dare you to pick a fight with either of them. You'd come off second best.

If I were a tiny dog and my owner was one of those 'omg look at these shoes they totes go with Spelly's leash, but they don't match my nails so I, like, totally have to get a manicure!' Then I would be vicious too.

"If Bubbles is vicious, why the hell did you name Bubbles Bubbles????"

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