When I say 'animal crackers' you immediately think of 'in my soup', amirite?

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No... usually when someone says "animal crackers", I think of animal crackers.

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Monkies and rabbits loop de loop.

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I thought of frosted animal crackers... MMMMM with the pink frosting

The kids that I babysit eat animal crackers a lot, so I sing that song to them. I think they think I'm crazy. They're probably right.

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I danced to that song when I was in preschool ! Hahah. I still remember the dance (:

Normas avatar Norma No Way +1Reply

Who puts animal crackers in soup anyways?

Hehe Shirley Temple :D

Chapsticks avatar Chapstick Yeah You Are 0Reply

I thought of the Marx Brothers...

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I think it only works if you sing the tune...

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