Sex between teens shouldn't be an issue. Sex between non-married people should be an issue. The only reason teen sex is an issue right now is because teens can't get married, which was allowed back then. Society has changed the focus on whose to blame: teens instead of wedlock. amirite?

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Sex between people who aren't married shouldn't be an issue....

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The only sex that should be an issue is unprotected and/or unwanted sex.

Teens not being able to get married is not even close to the only reason teen sex is a problem.

Leave them all alone. Sex is a personal decision. It's your call. You shouldn't be judged about where you put your penis, or what you put in your vagina.

So now we should allow teenagers to decide who to spend the rest of their lives with. Because we all know how great life was back in the dark ages.

Being married has nothing to do with your commitment or maturity.

@kipkayify Being married has nothing to do with your commitment or maturity.

I wouldn't say commitment. Excluding failing marriages, people get married because they commit to one another.

I have to get married everytime i wanna have sex with someone?

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Yeah we should totally make it socially acceptable for teenagers to spend a shitton of money on a wedding so they can bang instead of going to college or some bullshit like that

Yup, spending all that money would totally be worth it of some kids got to have sex because yay wedlock

It's a maturity thing, dumbass.

@B10ckH34d It's a maturity thing, dumbass.

It doesn't matter what they think. If the prefrontal lobe isn't developed, they're not mature. Thinking they're mature is just an argument to the contrary.

@B10ckH34d It's a maturity thing, dumbass.

How about we let people have sex with whoever they wanna have sex with? Ensure the education of safe sex and you're good to go.

@B10ckH34d It's a maturity thing, dumbass.

As long as birth control isn't 100%, it will be an issue. Some guys rely on timing because condoms diminish their pleasure. You can educate them however you want, but they will always find a way around it, due to immaturity.

@B10ckH34d It's a maturity thing, dumbass.

That's debatable. A 13-year-old may THINK they're mature enough, but they're really not.

No way

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Genius post.

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