If a girl hits/slaps a guy, there's not much wrong with that. But if a guy hits/slaps a girl, suddenly it's a huge deal, amirite?

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I know! This double standard has totally ruined my plans for an extensive girl-punching spree. :(

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In my mind, as a woman, if I hit you first then I'll expect something back. Not because it's right to hit women, but because if you're going to try to be bad ass and hit a man, you should actually be bad ass and take a hit like a man.

@sestrada16 you are my hero

Thank you. Now I can officially wear my cape and not be ashaimed of my lack of heroics!

@sestrada16 I do that everyday and I'm not ashamed

But I get these looks and everyone questions me... Then I run home, ashaimed. :( it's horrible.

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It's all good. I haven't signed into this account for forever, I won't judge your timing.

Most guys are also stronger than most girls, so if a guy slaps a girl out of anger it would do a lot more damage than if a girl slapped him.

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@Most guys are also stronger than most girls, so if a guy slaps a girl out of anger it would do a lot more damage...

But if started it, you already had the intention of finishing it and should be able to do so.

I hit guys in a playful way. >.< I mean, yeah sometimes it might hurt them, but rarely...
And I dunno, guys can playfully hit girls...but not really >.<

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It all depends on how hard you hit the person. Because girls usually don't slap too hard.

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It's especially messed up because when under attack from a girl, there's only two ways it can end:

1). He hit's back, he's an asshole.

2.) He doesn't hit back, he gets ridiculed for being beat up by a girl.

'Course, there's always what I do, which is just hold her back without retaliating, but that's just boring.

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Chris brown

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@Chris brown

Your point? He got arrested and all...at least I think. I really couldn't care less about celebrities and their activities.

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