You: Maybe if I open this bag really slowly, no one will hear it...slowly starts to open bag CRUSHCRUSHBOOMBOOMGUNSHOTKAPOWWIE. bag is open Person: "Give me some!" You: "Ah..fuck...", amirite?

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I hate people who demand your food. Seriously, at least say please. Although you really should just wait until you're offered some.

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haha great sound effects

This comment was deleted by its author.

I know. It's kinda the point for exaggeration. :P


yeah, shut up you fun ruiner.

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@stfu you retard.

Don't call people retards.

@WheatToast Don't call people retards.

fine, then i change it to moron.

Anonymous -13Reply
@fine, then i change it to moron.

sigh Just drop it..please..you're ruining my post.

@fine, then i change it to moron.

you're the moron, you troll.

Anonymous +9Reply
@you're the moron, you troll.

im not a troll, i havent even voted on this one. Obviously you dont know what the word troll means. and if im the moron, you're the dumbass.

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