"Do you ride kangaroos in Australia?" "No, do you ride fat people in America?" amirite?

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Nah, but we do ride sluts.

Purple cow its called a joke chill out

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Hahaha! I actually know some Americans (I'm American) that actually do think Australians ride kangaroos and that British people sit around drinking tea all day and say stuff like "Pip, pip, cheerio!"

People in America (except maybe little kids) don't really think that.

Everyday. =D

I've never met anybody who has thought that.

We wouldnt get very far if we rode fat people everywhere. BUT! we should probably start. Then theyd lose weight and be skinnyish and in shape

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We ride surfboards.


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I wanna ride a kangaroo... Fat people are too hard to mount =D

Are you kidding? Do you know how long it would take us to get anywhere if we rode them? We eat them silly.

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Fat people, sorry for not clarifying.

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First, fat people aren't native animals of the United States. Second, You must meet some screwed up Americans if they don't know that you don't ride kangaroos.

australians are jerks... you guys are just as fat and uneducated as us americans

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