If women ruled the world there would be no wars. Just a bunch of jealous countries not talking to each other, amirite?

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lol but if guys ruled the world it would be war for like a day, and then they'd forget and start it again cz they're bored and want to blow things up XD

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no i'm pretty sure once a month there would be an all out war. bahahahaha.

um girls dont all get it at the same time so no

yeah and a lota nasty gossip and rumors. and the not talking to other countries would cause many countries to be under privileged

oh shut up it wouldnt really

Haha I'm a girl and this is hilarious, lighten up

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Oh god, I'm writing a fanfic for this, even if I hate genderbenders.

dude, getting a lot of votes isn't that important. copying posts is BAD

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Sounds a bitlike Queen of the Damned ~

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This is bad, but I actually laughed.

thatss not truee... all the countries would be at eachothers throats starting rumors and gossip so therd be warss like all the time from dramaa

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um girls dont all get it at the same time so no

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