I need to be more confident/brave and talk to my 'crush', but then when he's "right there" I always chicken out. Help? amirite?

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By "do it" what do you mean? Just tell them "I like you lol"?

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two little letters: BJ
no words needed

but really......

lol, man up people. You're not gonna get anywhere by being a chicken, just get in there, the other person is equal to you, nothing to fear.

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lol just do it!! or u will seriously regret it!!
i regret not telling my old crush :/

Yeah just go talk, don't be like "I like you little girl" cos it'll creep them out. Just be cool about it.
For some reason, people like you if you don't like them, so don't let 'em know that you like them. I tried this technique recently and it worked, just like those weird weight loss berries! But not really, cereal just be cool.

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Nawman, i tipe like dis

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This is like when I wanted that goat, and I could afford to buy it, but the goat man had a strange beard that gave me butterflies whenever I saw him, so went down to the cash and carry, bought 2 litres of fromage frais and...

... I forget the rest.

Sounds bad Dipple, I feel for you brah

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@DHA Sounds bad Dipple, I feel for you brah

I would lecture you on using the reply button, but this is two years old, so...

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Don't sweat about it, in the end, I married the goat, and Pamela Anderson was the vicar, so it was all ok.

I've been texting my crush, maybe just try that, i mean, he and I are starting to flirt more, maybe it'll be the same for you

Just find something that you have in common with the guy and talk about that. Or if he's in any of your classes talk about something funny that happened there. Laughter usually helps ease the nerves. I usually go with the "Hey did we have any homework in (whatever class)?" And start a conversation from there. Good Luck!

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if you want the person bad enough, just think of where it could possibly take you to leave all fear behind and just open your mouth. the hardest part is starting the conversation but once you do it, everything else flows easily. trust me :)

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I started by talking to mine online.. it was hard the first few times-my hands were shaking everytime at first- but it has paid off some. It makes it easier to talk to them in person.

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