They should make the 3D glasses for Deathly Hallows look like Harry Potter's glasses, amirite?

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Or Luna's Spectrespecs.
Now that would be cool.

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@Or Luna's Spectrespecs. Now that would be cool.

Yes! I thought of that too! I think they should make all 3D glasses look like spectrospecs...I actually made a post about that once

That would be a perfect bribe to get me to go see it in 3D haha. I'm thinking 3D would ruin it. What is so 3D-mazing about a wedding and a rather long camping trip? The 7 Potters would be pretty cool, and maybe the ghoul with spattergroit, but not much else IMO

@littletank 3D movies actually make me dizzy...I think it's because I wear glasses

I get dizzy too. Plus, I also have glasses, so it's kind of a pain-in-the-butt with the 3D glasses, so I just watch the normal 2D. Besides, I don't really like the dark tint you get from the 3D glasses.

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Even though 3D gives me a major head ache, if they made the glasses Harry Potter style I would DEFINITELY see it in 3D... and probably piss my pants in my excitement...


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That... Would... be..... EPIC!!!!!!!!!!! who do we speak to about this?? It must be done.

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that is an AMAZING idea

we need to mass-email Warner Bros. to do this.

I will organize everything. just give me a day!


HELL YEAH! I love you, girl!

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THEY ARE HAVING THESE GLASSES! My hometown theater got some in today. http://www.apollocinemas.com/Ha...D-Glasses.aspx
ours isn't giving the case away though, sadly.

They did have harry's glasses as the 3D glasses! they told us to recycle them, but I kept them and are sitting on my bookshelf with other harry potter merchandise.

They are making 3D glasses?! O.O

You got this from Mugglecast

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